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Are you looking for an investor friendly title company? One that understands the intricacies of real estate investing. Then you've come to the right place.
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Real Estate Investors

Triumph Title is an investor friendly company that works to provide investors like you a seamless transaction experience.

We have a great deal of experience working with real estate investors throughout Florida.

There are countless mistakes you can make — particularly when navigating a distressed property — and those mistakes could result in finding yourself responsible for an improperly-foreclosed second mortgage or an HOA lien or some other unforeseen issue.

With us by your side, you won’t have to worry. Our Orlando based title company can bring peace of mind to your transaction by providing title searches, title insurance policies, and, when appropriate, legal assistance through closing. We’ll take care of everything you need.

Experienced Providers

With 75 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable team boasts unparalleled expertise in the real estate investment space.

We can assist with assignment contracts, distressed properties, commercial real estate, multilayered entities, hard money, and so much more.

Time Is Money

Quick turnarounds are critical to a successful real estate transaction. At Triumph Title, our team will work rapidly to pinpoint and resolve any issues that may arise.

After reviewing the title, we’ll go over all entity documents and keep them on hand for future reference.

A Streamlined Process for Investors

Our team goes above and beyond not only in settling properties, but also in building lasting relationships with investor clients.

Please rest assured that when your property is ready for resale, Triumph Title will be here for you. After all, we’ve already done the research on your title!

Services We ProvideReal Estate Investors

Triumph Title offers a full suite of services. Our services minimize roadblocks, maximize efficiency throughout and simplify the closing process for real estate deals. We’ll help you close your deal as quickly as possible, with an unprecedented level of quality and minimal stress on your end.

Transaction Management

Unsure of how to coordinate your next real estate transaction? Looking to wholetail or go about things wholesale? We’re here to help, and we promise to make the entire process easy for investors like you. Look no further for your transaction management partner.

Contract Assignments

We’re one of the few companies who understand wholesalers. If you’re in need of contract assignment assistance, we have you covered for the duration of your real estate transaction. Not only that, but we promise to go above and beyond.

Double Closings

Real estate investors are busy. It’s a rare thing to have a single property in the ring. This is where our team comes in. From back-to-back or simultaneous closings, to transaction funding, we’ll make your deal a reality.

Private Investors/Hard Money

It takes time to secure hard money or find the right private investors. At Triumph Title, we recognize that efficiency is key. This is why we’ll leverage our longstanding network to find the hard money and private investors you deserve.

Cash Investor/Financed Closings

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to real estate transactions. Whatever your deal may look like, we’ll rely on our expertise to make it happen. All you need to do is send us the details, and our staff will assist you.

Reasonable Pricing

We value the work we do as much as we value you—the client. And if your line of work is any indication, you probably appreciate the sound of a promising deal. To this end, we’ll work with you to ensure a solid return on our services.

Why You ShouldWhy Work With
Triumph Title Group

Triumph Title can help and support Florida real estate investors a great deal. Owned and operated by attorneys, we provide legal guidance, when appropriate, as needed and will oversee all your title, settlement, and closing needs.

The truth is that we’re deeply committed to meeting customer timelines and specifications. Clients appreciate our:

  • Expansive knowledge of wholesaling, double closings, and transactional funding.
  • Ownership and encumbrances searches for investors looking to obtain properties via tax deeds and tax certificates.
  • Efficient quiet title services designed to clear the title and bring unparalleled ease to the transaction.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance and clear direction so you can close quickly moving on to the next investment. Clients value our network of professionals who will help carry your transaction through closing—and we firmly believe you will too.

A reminder that we offer in-house assistance for navigating code violation, permit and lien problems, and other issues. Clients work with us because we deliver a competitive edge in the Florida market.

What Is AnInvestor Friendly
Title Company?

The term “investor-friendly” refers to title companies, real estate professionals, lenders, attorneys, and accountants.

In the real estate space specifically, the title company is critical to the success of the transaction. In this way, an investor-friendly title company is a firm that will carry the deal through to completion, holding it together throughout. It involves thinking outside the box, making intelligent decisions, and taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities to help the customer.

Accommodating Wholesaler Needs

Wholesale contracts are known for their tight deadlines and rapid turnarounds. Investors must find a buyer who will purchase the property at a profitable price. To ensure a successful transaction, the title must be free of roadblocks like liens, missing deeds, and other problems.

With Triumph Title, these potential issues won’t get in the way of your transaction. Our expert team considers all aspects of the wholesale process. We will make sure your paperwork is in order, carefully examine the title of the property, draft your title insurance policy, and see your deal through to the very end.

Individualized Services With Your Objectives in Mind

It’s no secret that Central Florida boasts an expansive and diverse real estate market. The region appeals to a vast range of buyers, sellers, and investors—all with different objectives and challenges. Whether you specialize in short sales, single-family homes, or condominiums, you need a title company that understands the wholesale business.

Again, this is where we come in. Our capabilities reflect the diversity of the region, and we proudly work one-on-one with every client to understand the unique nature of their transaction. You can expect a service-driven, efficient, top-quality engagement on our end—with assistance all the way through closing.

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