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Closing Process

We work with buyers and sellers to confidently navigate the complex process of finalizing a real estate transaction. Making the settlement as smooth and hassle free as possible is at the core of what we do.
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We Work WithBuyers and Sellers To Make
A Complex Transaction Simple

At Triumph Title our team of professionals is here to help you confidently navigate the complex real estate settlement process with ease.

Transferring real estate from the current owner to a new owner can be a confusing process. Finalizing the transaction, depending on the complexity, can take weeks or months, involving a lot of money, many different people, and a stack of paperwork.

It is without a doubt one of the most complex and expensive transactions a consumer will be involved in.

The majority of consumers will go through the process at most only once or twice in their lifetime.

That’s the challenge! You simply don’t know what you don’t know.

On closing day, when you walk into the settlement room, with a bunch of strangers and a stack of paperwork on the table you want to be confident in what you are doing and that everything is the way it is supposed to be.

Whether you are a first time home buyer closing on a house or an experienced real estate investor closing on a commercial property you need someone to be that disinterested neutral third party you can trust.

Someone to make sure everything has been done correctly.

That is where we come in. We make sure the transaction is concluded properly and according to the terms agreed to in the sales contract.

We ProvideTitle & Closing Services
For Your Peace of Mind

We recognize that both parties want to close their transaction in an efficient, error-free manner—and our expert staff goes above and beyond in making that happen in a timely fashion.

We Focus On

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Based in Orlando, our team proudly delivers exceptional service to buyers and sellers throughout the state of Florida. Our knowledge and skills are second-to-none and our devotion to clients like you will ensure a truly seamless closing experience

Putting Our Clients First

Work with Triumph Title, and you can breathe easy knowing your transaction will be handled the way it should be. With a team of experienced and reliable professionals on staff, we put buyers and sellers first in everything we do.

Answering Your Questions

The idea of a real estate closing may sound daunting, but your experience doesn’t have to be that way. Please contact us today for a free quote for our title services, a preliminary settlement statement, or answers to any questions you may have. We’ll get back to you in just a short time.

Services We Provide

  1. Hold funds and documents in escrow for safe keeping during the settlement process
  2. Conduct comprehensive title search and create defect and encumbrance reports to verify ownership and identify any potential issues with the title.
  3. Work to clear title defects and any other issues that could block transfer of title
  4. Conduct municipal lien and open permit searches
  5. Calculate and verify tax and utility payoffs
  6. Make HOA and COA estoppel requests
  7. Request mortgage payoff
  8. Prepare settlement statements and documents
  9. Coordinate and manage the closing process and final settlement
  10. Properly record mortgages, deeds, and other appropriate closing documents after closing
  11. Issue final title insurance policy
  12. Follow-up with any other post-closing items outlined in the settlement instructions

Connect WithTriumph Title Group Today

Our team of title and closing professionals serve buyers and sellers throughout the state of Florida, ensuring they have the title services they need to smoothly close transactions. With expert staff and a dedicated clientele, we work with the utmost accountability and transparency.

Consider connecting with Triumph Title for a friendly consultation or a complimentary quote. Work with us, and you will have a designated professional assigned to your transaction that cares about your transaction as much as you do.

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