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Common Types of Deeds in Florida

The first thing to understand about a deed is that it is an official record of ownership of property. This can be any type of property, but it is particularly important for real estate. After all, you can wear a watch or a ring, but a house and the land it sits on cannot be put in your pocket or packed into a suitcase.  So how do you tell who owns a piece of property if the person isn’t sitting on the lawn ready to defend it? By looking at the deed. Whomever’s name is on the most current and unassailable deed to that property is the owner of that property. 

What Is a Quiet Title Action?

Title work sometimes feels like an afterthought. If there is drama to be had in acquiring, selling, or transferring ownership to real estate, it usually occurs at the level of the appraisal, the inspection, or the negotiation between parties. Compared to other theaters of the transaction, the title work almost feels like a snooze. … Until it doesn’t. It’s rare, but occasionally title work uncovers a serious problem. That’s why we never skip the title work. Title problems could cause the asset to languish in judicial limbo and ultimately fail to change hands. If you’re unlucky, this could be after huge, nonrefundable checks have already been cashed.

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