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We can arrange several different ways to complete your real estate purchase or refinance. Depending on your schedule, situation, and location we can provide digital, mobile, mail-away, or traditional in-person closing options.
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Four Options ToMake Your Closing As
Convenient As Possible

We can arrange several different ways to complete your real estate purchase or refinance. Depending on your schedule, situation, and location we can provide digital, mobile, mail-away, or traditional in-person closing options.

Are you buying or selling residential or commercial property? No matter the nature of your transaction, your closing day should be seamless. While it’s inherently a stressful time, with the right team by your side, you can breathe easy knowing your transaction is near completion.

This is where Triumph Title Group comes in. Between planning the logistics of your move and making time for your closing appointment, there’s a lot to do. But what if you could enjoy an efficient closing? A closing experience tailored to your needs, with remote options available—for your ease and peace of mind?

Our team of professionals are here to make that happen. Whether you want an in-house, digital, mobile, or mail-away closing, our team will deliver the personalized service you deserve.

Option OneTraditional
In-Person Closing

This is the most common way a real estate transaction is completed. This type of closing takes place at our office.

In-Person closings are pretty straight forward. All parties to the transaction meet at a scheduled time at the settlement service providers office, traditionally a title company.

Only the buyer is required to attend the actual closing.

The seller, agents, attorneys attorneys and possibly a bank representative may also attend but are not required.

The closing agent verifies all requirements for the transaction have been fulfilled and the sale is finalized based on the settlement agreement.

The transaction is reviewed for compliance, the documents are reviewed and signed, then funds and keys are exchanged.

This is the traditional way to close on a house. However, the settlement meeting does not necessarily have to occur in our offices.

It can also take place in an alternate or more convenient location.

Option TwoOut-Of-Office Closing
AKA Remote or Mobile Closings

An out-of-office closing is any in-person closing that does not occur in our offices. This type of closing is sometimes called a remote or mobile closing.

Out-of-office closings are used for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe you live in a different area than where you purchased your new property.

Or, perhaps you simply have work or scheduling conflicts that can’t be rearranged.

Remote or mobile closings eliminate the issues of time and location as barriers to completing a real estate transaction.

This type of closing also allows us to settle real estate transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So, whether you’d like to meet at a residence, a business, a public location, or need to schedule the settlement during off-hours our team of experts can make it happen.

If you are in search of a convenient way to close your property transaction;

a format that allows you to close from essentially anywhere and anytime at all? A mobile closing could be the solution for you.


Option TwoOnline Digital Closing
Convenient As Possible

A digital closing is a mortgage closing with one or more digital components involved in the process. Certain parts—or even all of the closing—can be conducted remotely using our secure software.

Generally, there are three types of digital closings: eClosings, wet closings, and hybrid closings. What distinguishes these three types of digital closings is the degree to which the closing process is completed digitally.

eClosings are 100% digitized, with the full loan package electronically signed and notarized.


This includes the promissory note (also known as the eNote). Because the entire closing is digital, the appointment will generally take place remotely. Upon completion of the settlement, documents are electronically transferred to the county and recorded.

Wet closings feature all the loan documents printed on paper, and then signed and notarized by hand (with ink, hence the term “wet closing”). The relevant workflows are digitized, and the borrower can review their documents before their closing appointment, but the documents will need to be sent via courier or mail to the county, or scanned and electronically recorded.

Hybrid closings are a blend of wet closings and eClosings. The loan package is signed or notarized by hand, while everything else is completed electronically. These closings require an in-person appointment, although much of the paperwork can be signed digitally in advance. The documents can then either be mailed or electronically transferred to the county for recording.

Option FourMail-Away Closings
Convenient As Possible

Traditionally, mail-away closings are used for situations where the buyer or the seller had to quickly go out of town and will not be able to attend the settlement.

With this type of closing, our staff will send the buyer or seller their closing documents via email, overnight mail, or courier at the requested address. Once signed and notarized they will return the documents using a prepaid shipping label.

A mail-way closing requires a a good bit more patience on both parties part, significant amount of preplanning and good communication.

Although the use of mail-away closings increased significantly over the last few years, digital closings are quickly catching up. That is in states that allow digital closings.


Learn More AboutThe Closing
Options We Provide

Do you have questions about our closing options? No matter your needs, we’re here to make the process as easy and as flexible as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our team of professionals serve buyers and sellers throughout the state of Florida making sure they have the services they need to complete real estate transactions smoothly. Our dedicated staff works with the utmost accountability and transparency.

Consider connecting with Triumph Title Group for a friendly consultation or a complimentary quote. Work with us, and you will have a designated professional assigned to your file — not to mention a company that cares about your transaction as much as you do.

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