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How to Make Invalid Deeds Valid in Florida

If you’re a homeowner, you’re presumed to own your home … but how do you know? Is your name on the home? Maybe it’s on the mailbox … but that’s far from official. What if someone spray-painted over your name on the mailbox? Is it no longer home? Of course not? Ownership of real estate arises not from names on mailboxes, but names on deeds. A deed is a legal document that acts as the instrument of “ownership” of a piece of real property. It is recorded with the county for official recognition; anyone can look it up; and if someone challenges your ownership of that property, claiming it’s not actually yours and you have to leave, you can point to that deed to say “Yes I do own that property! Here’s the official record!”

Closing Company or Title Company … What’s the Difference?

Real estate shouldn’t be so complicated and intimidating. It’s just people paying money to other people to buy something. Not exactly rocket science. One thing making it difficult is that there always seems to be more than one name to refer to the same thing. It happens all the time. Your REALTOR starts talking about the “title company” … but then your uncle asks you who your “closing company” is. What gives? Do you need both? Are they the same thing? Let’s clear up the confusion – what’s the difference between a title company and a closing company?

Closing the Wholesale Deal

Real estate wholesalers live life in the middle. As a wholesaler, you straddle a delicate bridge between the seller and the end buyer. It can be a precarious position. As with most real estate transactions, it all comes down to the closing table. That’s when everyone gets paid, including you. As such, it’s critical to understand the two different types of closings available to you as a wholesaler — assignment closings and double closings. 

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